Windows Server Backup

Synoptek DraaS Windows Server backup protection

Windows Server Backup

Highly scalable, highly efficient backup

  • Synoptek DraaS scales for speed by automatically adjusting as needed to handle workload peaks. It also scales for data capacity with ultra-efficient block-level incremental-forever backups that are data-deduplicated across all the servers on your network.

This results in:

  • Multiple simultaneous backups are much more efficient even during peak work hours
  • More efficient disk storage. Synoptek DraaS keeps your storage footprint small whether your storage environment is small or large. And, Exabyte-level scalability easily meets the needs of Big Data environments.

Rapid recovery from nearly any point in time

  • Achieve near-zero application recovery time objectives (RTO). Choose to recover from any one of up to 288 recovery points a day for Windows to practically eliminate the potential for data loss.

Synoptek DraaS Backup Appliance

  • Synoptek DraaS builds in WAN-optimized, deduplication-aware replication for off-siting backup data thru a Synoptek DraaS Backup Appliance to your off-site cloud. A virtual standby function creates and maintains an up-to-date virtual standby clone of a production server as of the last snapshot. Fail-Over and Fail-Back allows you to recover instances from replicated machines and immediately commence protection on the failed-over machines, and then fail back when the problem is solved.

Unified user interface

  • Protect a few or a few thousand machines from any Web browser. Synoptek DraaS features a new web-based management console that is compatible with industry-standard browsers on laptops, tablets and notebooks. You can manage your data protection responsibilities and solve problems from any location with an Internet connection.
Windows Server Backup

Support Agents OSes - Windows

  • Windows XP w/SP3
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8*
  • Windows 2003
  • Windows 2008/2008 R2
  • Windows 2012*

*Currently does not support ReFs or UFEI features of Wind8/2012