Synoptek DraaS

What is Synoptek DraaS?

Disaster Recovery as a Service
  • Industry leading Backup and Replication Agents
  • Fast Recovery Near Line Storage Appliance
  • Secure Off-site Data Protection
  • Geo-Redundant Recovery in the Cloud

Recovery as a Service

Downtime can cost a business dearly. When a disaster strikes, merely backing up to the cloud does not guarantee uptime and business resiliency. For the utmost in business continuity, you should have the ability to recover your servers either on-site, or off-site in the cloud, as the situation dictates. With Synoptek DraaS you can prepare for worst-case scenarios by enabling geo-redundant cloud recovery services.

Recovery as a Service allows you to bring up your infrastructure, such as mission critical servers and applications, in a virtual cloud environment on an emergency or as needed basis. Synoptek DraaS offers a fast, flexible, and affordable cloud recovery as a service solution.


Failed infrastructure can be restored and accessed from the cloud creating a truly geo-redundant failover environment to protect your business in the event of a catastrophic failure of your primary site.

Low Cost Business Continuity

Avoid large upfront capital investments by relying on Synoptek DraaS for your recovery environment and create a low cost disaster recovery environment to include in your overall business continuity plan.


  • Enterprise grade backup and disaster recovery at prices that even small businesses can afford
  • Bare Metal Restore - more than simple backup, a business continuity solution to ensure your business guarantees uptime and resiliency for mission critical servers and applications
  • Get truly "Geo-Redundant" recovery solutions at a fraction of the cost of co-locating a DR environment.
  • More robust and secure than tape based systems
  • Only pay for low month storage, device and agent fees until you actually need your recovery environment activated. Then only pay weekly for what you need.

Features and Benefits

Low Cost Variable Storage
Only pay for the environment you need.

Bare Metal Restore
Complete recovery solution that allows you to access your recovery environment from anywhere in the world down to the operating system and base configurations.
Scale and sizing options
Choose between a Medium Node (4 Cores, 32 GB RAM, 3 TB node-local logical storage, RAID 10) or Large Node (8 Cores, 96 GB, 10 TB, RAID 10).
File-level Backups
Restore individual files on an as needed basis. Or have immediate restore capabilities for individual exchange mailboxes.
Multiple failback options
  • Flexible recover options - Recover individual items, entire databases, or entire systems both locally or in the cloud
  • Data is always accessible - Customers may download their data 24/7 or have their data shipped via USB/NAS
Low Monthly Cost per Use Model
Turn large capital expenses into much lower monthly costs.

System utilizes disk-to-disk backup technologies, which eliminates the need for costly tape drives and managing traditional tape rotation strategies

How the Service Works

  • Production environment is analyzed for storage and infrastructure sizing
  • Agents are applied to production environment
  • Storage environment is activated and the backup and replication process begins to transfer data to your isolated and encrypted Synoptek DraaS storage environment
  • Virtualized images of the production environment are created and left on standby for a recovery event
  • A Synoptek DraaS local storage appliance can be deployed at the primary site or use storage that you already have on-site to begin your replication
  • Data is continually replicated based on defined configuration settings.
  • A virtual firewall may be configured to permit remote access or VPN connectivity to virtualized servers for client users, offices, or remote firewalls
  • Customers may leverage this service for testing or emergency client recoveries and only pay for it when they use it, in weekly increments
  • Users of the Synoptek DraaS solution have access to dedicated private cloud recovery environments enable for immediate off-site virtualization of protected servers, allowing you to achieve off-site recovery time objectives of less than 15 minutes for the most demanding business needs