Synoptek DraaS Pricing

3 steps to pricing

  • Determine how many machines you need to have covered
  • Decide if you want to use your own appliance or ours
  • Determine the amount of storage you need to backup


Select the number of servers and workstations that you want have replicated and purchase the associated number of agent licenses. Licenses can be purchased as either individual agents or based on a host machine. A host machine can have an unlimited number of virtual machines at no additional charge.


You can choose to use your own appliance or select one of our Synoptek DraaS branded appliances. Consult with one of our sales agents to determine what solution is best for your situation.


Storage is charged on a per month basis and is based on the amount of storage purchased. Storage can be added as needed.

Pricing Summary

Cloud Storage
Up to 1TB
$290 Per TB/month
> 1TB to 5TB
$190 per TB/month
> 5TB to 10TB
$140 per TB/month
Over 10TB
$60per TB/month
License Your Servers
Host LicenseUnlimited Virtual Machines on a single Hypervisor Host
$150 per Host/month
Agent LicenseSingle physical or single virtual machine
$65 per VM/month

Optional Appliance
Local Backup Appliance
*Only pay for Nodes if needed during a testing or recovery scenario


Synoptek DraaS provides following:

  • Recovery as a service: Complete geo-redundant cloud recovery of servers or applications on an emergency or as-needed basis
  • 24 hour server recovery available
  • Near real-time SLAs for Synoptek DraaS protected server images, enabling enterprise service delivery, while controlling your costs
  • Testing services: Test your recovery environment at a fraction of the cost