It's Never Too Late For A Disaster Plan...

Until It Is



Your Data Is at One Physical Location or Backed Up to Tape

If your data is in one location or simply protected via tape backups, then your risk of a business ending failure skyrockets. A disaster can strike at any time to any business. 70% of businesses that have a major fire go out of business within 5 years. And if you have to rely on restoring from tape, you have to think about how long it will take to restore your business data. 93% of businesses that lose their data for more than 10 days go out of business within 1 year of the disaster. You cannot afford to have your business backed up to tape alone. You need a recovery environment that is ready to go online within 4 to 24 hours of any disaster with the data you need to continue business.


Your VM Backup Process Takes Too Long - Hours or Days

Legacy and 1st-generation VM backup tools are not designed to back up VMs efficiently, and backups can stretch to 24 hours for a full or even an incremental backup! Can your business afford to be this vulnerable? It doesn't have to. Synoptek DraaS ultra-fast backups are designed from the ground up to backup many VMs concurrently which single-point VM backup tools can’t even scale to more than 2 VMs. Synoptek DraaS perform ongoing backups up to a Synoptek DraaS Appliance and then replicates that data into the cloud for complete environment off-site replication.


Your VM Restore Process Takes Too Long, Hours or Days

Every minute your business-critical environment not up, your job or your business is at risk! Every minute counts! To minimize data loss, you need more stringent Recovery Point Objectives. But many VMs can only be recovered from the prior night's backup. Wouldn't you prefer a near-zero RTO? Or an RPO more granular than once every 24 hours? With Synoptek DraaS you get both!


Not Protected from Cyber Threats

Synoptek safeguards all of your protected data ensuring that it is encrypted at rest and during transfer. Furthermore, since the datacenters are PCI and HIPAA compliant, this ensures regulatory compliance.


Your Backup Systems are Too Complicated

IT Systems are indeed complex and most backup systems require maintenance, and then a precise orchestration of steps in order to recover. Synoptek’s DRaaS appliance provides a simple intuitive recovery interface. Couple this with Synoptek’s Complete ITaaS, and your origination will have an up-to-date Disaster Recovery plan, routine testing, and 24x7 staff on standby in the event of a catastrophe. Nothing could be easier.


We Make your VMs Safe by Recovering Data When You Need It Most: Now!

Most tools claim to protect your environment, but don’t deliver what they promise! If it’s it Important for you to have a backup product that was built from the ground up to protect your systems reliably, look no further than Synoptek DraaS innovative technologies:

  • Recovery Environments – Off-site recovery environments to ensure your business can always get backup up and running quickly
  • Recovery Speed - Instant, near-zero time recovery
  • 100% recovery assurance when coupled with Synoptek’s IT as a Service Complete plan